Reviews & Testimonials

Client Feedback/Quotes

"...Jason very calmly and methodically helped me to understand and then address the route cause of these issues, providing practical tools and approaches for managing them....I am pleased I took the step and would really recommend Jason. He's a very decent guy who seems to genuinely care about his work and helping people."

"Jason knows his stuff. He's also one of the nicest, warmest people I've ever met."

"Jason is a very compassionate and diligent therapist who has help me overcome some very entrenched negative thought patterns."

" I went to Jason with deep problems with anxiety that were ruining every part of my life. Jason is the copilot who will sit with you and guide you out of the darkest clouds and into sunlight again."


Client Satisfaction Information

Jason's clients are invited to complete an anonymous online survey to provide feedback on their experiences. Responses are not modified in any way. You can view up-to-date results of this survey here.