I trained under a scientist-practitioner model. This means I keep up-to-date with relevant research and use this information to inform my practice. I am also an active researcher who makes regular contributions to the field of psychology and mental health. I have several research interests including men's mental health, well-being in young people, and psychological issues in people diagnosed with medical conditions/disabilities.

Research participation

Males 18 and over- take part in a short online questionnaire about masculinity and well-being here.

If you are a male aged 18 and older and would like to be kept informed of research participation opportunities (mostly online questionnaires), click here.

If you are a carer for someone with cancer and would like to be kept informed about a research project looking at coping amongst this group, click here

If you are diagnosed with cancer, and would like to be kept informed about a research project looking at relationship changes with friends and family, click here.

Recent publications

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