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Acknowledging those who show courage over long periods of time.

With the help of some colleagues, I have been looking into men’s coping over the past couple of years. Specifically, we have been interested in how men cope with various health challenges they can face.

Dealing with socially-unacceptable anger and other unpleasant emotions

I am often contacted by people who are encouraging a male to seek psychological help. These males are either reluctant to seek help, or have asked someone (usually their female partner) to reach out and make the initial enquiry.

Stereotypically male

Information about fear of negative emotions, and some tips to address this.

Some information about the imposter syndrome and how you can combat it

Findings from a recent look at research on male carers

The effects of bullying and how males can cope positively as adults

A brief introduction on rumination, co-rumination, and making headway with problems.

Looking back on 10 years as a Clinical Psychologist

A discussion about spending time with others, but particularly with being alone

A discussion of the phenomenon 'Rational-Emotional Dissociation'

Do we need to make psychological treatment for men's depression more user friendly?

Some tips on managing those people in your life who are difficult to deal with

Discussing how to make Men's friendships more genuine and useful

Some ways to increase your Christmas traditions.

Thinking about how we can get increased interest and involvement in men's mental health research

Picking on the movie Silver Linings Playbook and how mental illness is portrayed

A little information on the common problem of panic and panic attacks

Information about happiness and what influences a person's overall level of it.

Some information on coping with the loss of a pet

Some general information about social anxiety

Some general information and questions to ask when considering working with a mental health professional.

Talking about the new version of the 'DSM' and the distinction between 'categorical' and 'dimensional' forms of conceptualising mental illness

Talking about what to do when a friend or family member experiences a mental health problem.

A discussion on the role of masculinity in men's help-seeking and choice of coping strategies.

Some info on self-monitoring of low mood.

A wee discussion about sleep and sleep difficulties associated with mental health problems

A discussion on self-criticism and its relationship to the concepts of self-esteem and self-compassion

A discussion about men in the profession of psychology

A discussion about the mood disorder 'dysthymia'

Some thoughts about negotiating Christmas if it is not your favourite time of year

Discussion about the relationship between physical activity, depression and stress/anxiety

This article talks about two different ways to cope with the thoughts that cause us problems